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Fenland Friendship Club was formed many years ago to forge links with a village in Germany. Local residents offer their hospitality to visiting Germans every other year and this hospitality is returned with villagers from Parson Drove travelling to the twinning village of Herlikofen for a short stay.

Playing Fields

The Football field

How it all began

At the end of the World War 2 two men, Jack Mader and Josef Luntzer found themselves in a Fenland P.O.W. camp.

Among their common interests was Football. Both Hungarian born Jack and Joe parted company in 1947.

Jack stayed in the Fens and married a local girl and became the local barber at Parson Drove.

Joe returned to Germany and continued his building trade in Herlikofen, but they kept in touch and in 1962, whilst Jack was on holiday in Germany the idea of a football match between their two villages was discussed.

On the 2nd June 1963 a team from Fenland visited and played football in Herlikofen. The hospitality was second to none, we lost the game but found a lot of new friends. From this the Fenland Friendship Club was born to whom we shall always be grateful. Our Club has gone on from strength to strength. Long may it continue.

The Swan Inn 1992

The Swan Inn

The club meets regularly for meetings which are held in the clubs headquarters, The Swan Inn at Parson Drove. Ways and means are discussed to raise money for the next visit from our friends in Herlikofen. Outings are arranged so they can enjoy visiting different parts of our Country. A Dinner Dance is usually arranged for the last night of their visit and of course the Football Match always takes place in Parson Drove on the Drovers Football pitch.

Itís a very exciting time when we all meet as so many friendships have been made over the years, some right from the beginning nearly 50 years ago and now children and grandchildren are joining the club and grandsons are now seen playing football.

Parson Drove - Herlikofen

We have so much to be thankful to Joe and Jack for starting our club here in Parson Drove and in Herlikofen.

Both have now passed away but they have left behind wonderful memories of how they started our friendships and for those two special people we shall carry on in both Countries a friendship that is very special to all of us.

We would like to see more people joining our club and they too can make new friends within the club and in Germany.

Fenland Friendship Club.